Fleeting Fixities

An undergraduate student exhibition by artist collective [UN]PROMPTU
from June 13th to June 17th 2024 at Atelier Galerie 2112.

A group of ten undergraduate Fine Arts students from Concordia University, spanning a wide range of artistic practices, have been brought together to showcase their work in the exhibition Fleeting Fixities.

Artists have been invited to explore permanence, degradation, and ephemerality through a focus on materiality. Through mediums such as bronze, ceramic, wood, and textile, investigations on overconsumption, craftsmanship, and cultural survival are brought to the forefront of this exhibition. In an era of mass production under capitalism, our societal and personal connection to the goods we consume has been severed. Fleeting Fixities fosters a newfound connection with one’s artistic process and the tools and items integral to the act of creation.

Organized by [UN]PROMPTU, a Montreal-based artist collective dedicated to supporting and uplifting emerging artists, Fleeting Fixities offers Fine Arts students an opportunity to display their work in an off-campus gallery setting; promoting discussion and connection on contemporary anxieties surrounding the consumption of art and its material implications.

How can creation be framed as a radical act, opposed to ever-increasing waste production and the homogenization of craft?

Fleeting Fixities is an exploration to deconstruct and to rebuild materiality and its storied relationship to time and culture. Whether artists have reached into the past, the future, or somewhere in between, material intentions are highlighted as an integral part of building a sense of community and identity in the artistic realm.

Vernissage Thursday June 13th, 6 P.M. to 10 P.M.

Artist talks at 7 P.M.